ATC College Crew

ATC College Crew is a 7-12th grade college readiness program developed by ATC faculty and staff for ATC students. In College Crew, the teacher embodies mentorship and advocacy while offering college readiness skills, assessment and training to his or her Crew. The College Crew curriculum is aligned with grade level goals as well as 6 year goals. The focus of 7th Grade College Crew is School Orientation.


Grading for College Crew is based on student completion of assignments (usually done in class), Class Participation, and Volunteer Service.  The College Crew grade does count towards the students’ GPA.

8th Grade students must complete 20 hours of community service.  Crew teachers ask students to complete half of their community service before the end of Semester 1 since the final exam is based on this.  Final exams, and thus community service, counts for 20% of the final grade.

8th Grade Crew Teachers

Ms. Jess Biscamp–
Ms. Andrea Cermanski–
Mr. Joaquin Martinez–

8th Grade College Crew Lesson Plans

The first week of Crew will be spent getting to know each other, team-building activities, reviewing ATC policies and procedures, and creating a personal/group Coat of Arms.

December 2018–Present: Working on Leadership Projects.
Cermanski’s crew is raising money for Water for Social Peace

8.4a Traits of Good Leaders Lesson Plan

8.3a Study Habits 2 and Binder Organization

8.2a Study Habits Attendance

8.1a Ice Breaker Lesson Plan