Course Syllabus
Media Arts Syllabus 2017 2018

Lesson Plans/Assignments

Who’s Who Photos and all club pages due Wednesday, December 6, 2017

ATC 2017 Order Form

Nov 10 to Dec 4 Finalize Backgrounds Choose Fonts Selling Ads

Selling ads

Future Voices Submission due November 14
Who’s Who edited photos due Monday, December 4

Yearbook Photo Assignment Candid Students and Teachers
10 edited photos due: Monday, November 6, 2017 at the BEGINNING of class

Yearbook Assignment for Monday 10.23.17

Club Photo Assignment 2017
Due: October 30, 2017

Oct 16 Whos Who and Yearbook Layout

Future Voices of New Mexico Photo Contest Relationship of OBJECTS
Due: October 12, 2017

Club Photo Assignment 2017

September 22 Create a business
Create a Business Project 2017
Due: October 4, 2017

Sept 6 Profile Writing and Portraiture

Aug 17 to 26 Intro to Class Elements of Design


Profile Piece of ATC teacher

Photo assignment 1 Design Elements 2017

Elements of Design 2014